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Winter JPOP

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Since I decided to go back to JPOP fandom, I have realized that I am also back to JPOP seasonal spending OTL

My Winter JPOP includes as you all know AAA purchases -- Heart and Soul A&B (dont hate), AAA album, AAA live DVD. I'm planning to include the Base Ball Bear live stuff that I have just posted. Of course the Ryuha-R CD is there. Shota x Miliyah CD is there, along with Yuya's Trust Me.

Btw HMV is sending me a Yuya poster but they are folding it??? =(( Could've gotten at CD Japan if I had known a poster was included!!

I might add in HY's Whistle since the Portrait edition is still available at HMV Japan for a cheaper price... I like HY, but I don't own any of their CDs ^^; Just the Itta Somun Tour 2004 DVD D:

I decided to post this cause I was looking for sites to um preview Whistle, and I found a lot of blogs with the CD jacket, track listing, and download links. No added information even?? I think JPOP blogging has lessened lately...

But that's just me since I haven't been blogging for a long time.

Also I'm busy with school + work + family. Sorry if nothing interesting is going on... I go on the net almost everyda but for facebook and school email +_+ So I check on JPOP news like once a week when I have recovered for the after workdays shock. So this blog will really be slow lol.

Glad to hear from you again =)

And ~Happy Wedding Remix~ of Shota x Miliyah's Love Forever is so happy and wedding I'm so in love with it orz
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Miliyah x Shota - Love Forever ~Happy Wedding Remix~
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