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Loving the previews <3 I like this kind of songs. Somehow reminds me of those 90s avex ELT/TRF songs :D

Track 2 - BLOOD on FIRE 2010 lol

Track 4 - BRAND NEW WORLD feat. Urata, Hidaka, Shinchan, Chiaki

Track 5 - Rising Sun feat. Nissy, Uno, Shuta

Track 7 - Unochan song with Nissy and Urata backing her up.

Track 8 - ONE feat. Uno, Chiaki & Shinchan + Shuta rap. The wo~ wo~ reminds me of CRAZY GONNA CRAZY D:

Track 9 - Get It On feat. BOYS

Track 10 - Believe own way feat. BOYS with girls on chorus

Track 11 - FIELD, the lead song of the album

Track 12 - Metamorphose something something AAA :D

I don't get how the boys leads two songs and the girls have none. Well Uno has her own, but what about Chiaki...? lol.
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