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Will be edited more... Still have to watch it lol

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I'm planning to update the blog weekly with Asuka's Teen's Voice radio program at Amerikamura TV =) I'll start with last week's, the Jan 22nd episode since I was watching it the other night and I couldn't post about it right away because I had to finish up with my reading for uni.

Anyway's here is... Asuka's Teen's Voice 2010.1.22

This week's ekaki: Blimp
This week's topic: Diet!!

I'll edit this post and write some more in a few... Well maybe wait Monday lol. I'm working all weekend.
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The follow-up to last year's Love Forever...

I showed my coworker my new phone and she was messing it when she saw Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu in kanji. Most of the people I know now do not know I listen to JPOP, and for the most part I understand what I'm listening to. And she was like, "So what is the song saying?" And I was trying to explain how it's a love song, being thankful about meeting each other even though it can be painful.

Then I remembered there's a follow-up song to Love Forever :D Preordered this already. It's more of Shota's song this time, and it's more upbeat and more positive.
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Break down is a good song. And this a-nation performance is hot omg.

Heart & Soul PV is so cool I feel like I'm bleeding blue. It's so awesome. I want to get this on DVD. I hope the new album will include this PV, but current descriptions are only listing Break down, Summer Revolution, and Hide-away... Here's to hoping lol.

I'm catching up with AAA as you can see... lol

Props to NSL for the video links. =)
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Not sure if the word debut is appropriate, but it was announced on January 10th at a Caless show that Rina will be included as a solo artist in the album Ryuha-R BEGINNINGS+, set for release on March 10th. She will debut with the name 里奈 (Rina).

Not only Rina will make her "solo debut" but also SHUN, former member of a now defunct Caless-groomed group, DASH!! The group opened for Lead on the first one-man live in YAONN back in 2004. They were set to debut under VISION FACTORY management. Dunno what happened, but Toshi is still with VF while Reiya joined Johnny's. SHUN has appeared in Shota Shimizu's Umbrella Live Tour as a special guest. In the Ryuha-R BEGINNINGS+ album, his song will be his own version of Shota's One Last Kiss.

Here's the CD Jacket and the proposed songs that will be included:



・ONE WAY/青山テルマ
・Never let go/加藤ミリヤ
・ウェカピポ/SOUL’d OUT
・Game 4 Never Loose feat. THREE-A/AK-69
・Perfect angel/COMA-CHI
・One Last Kiss -SHUN Mix- feat. 清水翔太/SHUN
・When They Cry/らっぷびと
・Say "I Love You"/里奈
・超・ラップへの道/KEN THE 390 feat. TARO SOUL&DEJI
・ありがとう/Natural Radio Station
・Endless Road/twenty4-7
・No Change No End/田中ロウマ
・Goodbye to my love feat. Baby M/MANDOZA
・勝利の女神 feat. 加藤ミリヤ/童子-T

Source: BEP News
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After two years of leaving not only the AAA fandom, but JPOP fandom, I decided to crawl back little by little and enjoy the ride of being Shinjiro's loyal fan once again.

The whole reason why I decided to just enjoy being Shinjiro's stalker fan once again??

TEIOH (which was a really lame drama cause everybody was friends and nice and everything worked out OK for everybody with very little effort lol)

I hope to keep up with fan blogging in this livejournal =)

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This is the first post lol

my blog is at mdnprds.jugem.jp

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