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Hello, I am doing another "comeback" lol. I know I said I would start getting back to Jpop fandom, but life catches up to you right? Some update about me (if you care):
- I am turning 26 this year (if you remember me in my teens holler at you!)
- I started grad school last September, and by June next year I will be able to work as a primary care nurse practitioner for the geriatric population :)
- I am in grad school fulltime while working part time. How I can manage that, I do not know, but I know I need to work to pay bill$
- I still listen to some Jpop... although I don't understand the hype about AKB48 and its sister groups whatever. All I can say is, DREAM MORNING MUSUME IS A DREAM COME TRUE. I feel like my teen years are back. Thank you Tsunku.

BTW. Have you seen Lead's new PV? I'm so excited they are releasing a single that is not on a July or August or whatever month summer touches. I dunno if this is a pity release because this year marks their 12th anniversary, but whatever. I'm just happy to see them again.

I am old now, so I don't get that much dokidoki or wakuwaku anymore, but I'm impressed at how young they look considering Hiroki is a year older than me LOL. This year is special, 10 years of Lead!! I have always dreamed of watching them perform live when they turn 10, and it's a special feat. I REALLY REALLY HOPE TO SEE THEM ._. I have means, but I have nobody to go with. I need to find someone lol.

Lead - Wanna Be With You

As for AAA, I follow Uno, Shuuta, and Shinjiro<3 on twitter lol
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I'm glad Lead is returning for a 2010 Upturn =)

I've been REALLY busy with work + school + dog (lol) + life. So sorry if it seems like this blog is really dying lol. I still love Lead + Shota + Miliyah tho :D

Lead:「Lead Upturn 2010」ツアースケジュール決定!!

「Lead Upturn 2010」が今年の夏も決定致しました!

[会場名]名古屋 名鉄ホール



[会場名]仙台市青年文化センター シアターホール


■チケット料金 \5,800(全席指定)
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I guess it's ending...? But she said Teen's Voice might be coming back :| I don't know really. But sad ._.

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Oh March 1st ='( I guess that talk and live last Valentine's day did not get a lot of people to come out D:

At least Hisato and Yu mentioned Kyohei...



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Loving the previews <3 I like this kind of songs. Somehow reminds me of those 90s avex ELT/TRF songs :D

Track 2 - BLOOD on FIRE 2010 lol

Track 4 - BRAND NEW WORLD feat. Urata, Hidaka, Shinchan, Chiaki

Track 5 - Rising Sun feat. Nissy, Uno, Shuta

Track 7 - Unochan song with Nissy and Urata backing her up.

Track 8 - ONE feat. Uno, Chiaki & Shinchan + Shuta rap. The wo~ wo~ reminds me of CRAZY GONNA CRAZY D:

Track 9 - Get It On feat. BOYS

Track 10 - Believe own way feat. BOYS with girls on chorus

Track 11 - FIELD, the lead song of the album

Track 12 - Metamorphose something something AAA :D

I don't get how the boys leads two songs and the girls have none. Well Uno has her own, but what about Chiaki...? lol.
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Break out

Can't even imagine it's the same group with Pechapies and cutie short skirts lol

Shifting to rhythm zone means shifting image and music quality too I guess.

But this song is really good and addicting D: I wish this was released before Perfect Girls because it's not as shocking as that one LOL.

Perfect Girls

Oh Dream ='( How much I've missed you!! Can you release another live DVD pls??
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清水翔太、待望の全国ツアー決定!! (2010.2.3)

6月16日(水) Zepp Fukuoka
6月18日(金) Zepp Osaka
6月20日(日) 高知 BAY5 SQUARE
7月1日(木) Zepp Sapporo
7月3日(土) Zepp Sendai
7月4日(日) 新潟LOTS
7月6日(火) Zepp Nagoya
7月28日(水) Zepp Tokyo
7月29日(木) Zepp Tokyo

oh-mai-ga can i goas pls??
^ very unlikely LOL

oh Shota pls continue to tour until 2011 then i can see u i hope =(
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Shota Shimizu x Miliyah Kato - Love Forever
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Since I decided to go back to JPOP fandom, I have realized that I am also back to JPOP seasonal spending OTL

My Winter JPOP includes as you all know AAA purchases -- Heart and Soul A&B (dont hate), AAA album, AAA live DVD. I'm planning to include the Base Ball Bear live stuff that I have just posted. Of course the Ryuha-R CD is there. Shota x Miliyah CD is there, along with Yuya's Trust Me.

Btw HMV is sending me a Yuya poster but they are folding it??? =(( Could've gotten at CD Japan if I had known a poster was included!!

I might add in HY's Whistle since the Portrait edition is still available at HMV Japan for a cheaper price... I like HY, but I don't own any of their CDs ^^; Just the Itta Somun Tour 2004 DVD D:

I decided to post this cause I was looking for sites to um preview Whistle, and I found a lot of blogs with the CD jacket, track listing, and download links. No added information even?? I think JPOP blogging has lessened lately...

But that's just me since I haven't been blogging for a long time.

Also I'm busy with school + work + family. Sorry if nothing interesting is going on... I go on the net almost everyda but for facebook and school email +_+ So I check on JPOP news like once a week when I have recovered for the after workdays shock. So this blog will really be slow lol.

Glad to hear from you again =)

And ~Happy Wedding Remix~ of Shota x Miliyah's Love Forever is so happy and wedding I'm so in love with it orz
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Miliyah x Shota - Love Forever ~Happy Wedding Remix~
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LIVE DVD FINALLY! First press = booklet.

Base Ball Bear/UNTITLED (1st Live DVD) DVD
4743 yen US$52/91.38 Release Date:2010/03/17
Description:Live DVD release from Base Ball Bear featuring footage from their "LIVE; (THIS IS THE) Base Ball Bear" concert performance on January 3, 2010 at Nippon Budokan, and behind-the-scene footage.
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=TOBF-5671
Base Ball Bear/UNTITLED (LIVE Album)[Limited Release] CDA
1714 yen US$19/91.38 Release Date:2010/03/17
Description:First live album release from Base Ball Bare featuring audio recording from their "Garage no Koide-san Night2"concert performance on January 4, 2010 at Shimokitazawa Garage.
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=TOCT-26944

It seems that Shimokitazawa Garage is a very important venue for the group. Read more about it on their website lol. Might get this one I don't know but it looks cheap for $19, would be more after shipping tho geh.
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Already a month has passed by and AAA has triple big news!!

triple news!!Collapse )

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