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Made · in · Paradise

oh haaay february

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Already a month has passed by and AAA has triple big news!!

The 5th album is... HEARTFUL (Link)

CD+DVD CD only

1. ♥ (ハートフル)
2. Overdrive
3. Break Down / 連続ドラマ「帝王」主題歌 MBS・TBS他放送
4. Brand New World
5. Rising Sun
6. Summer Revolution / プロミスグループCMソング
7. As I am /映画「ランデブー!」主題歌
8. ONE
9. Get It On
10. Heart and Soul / TBS「にうすざんす」テーマソング、music.jpTV-CFソング
11. Believe own way
12. FIELD /進研ゼミ『中学講座』卒業・進級応援キャンペーンTV-CFソング
13. Metamorphose
14. Hide-away / White Sacasテーマソング、music.jpTV-CFソング

1. Break Down [Music Clip]
2. Summer Revolution [Music Clip]
3. Hide-away [Music Clip]
4. Heart and Soul [Music Clip]
5. FIELD [Music Clip]
6. Break Down [Music Clip Making]
7. Summer Revolution [Music Clip Making]
8. Hide-away [Music Clip Making]
9. Heart and Soul [Music Clip Making]
10. FIELD [Music Clip Making]

I'm thinking of canceling my Heart and Soul order cause the album will have the PV too, but I don't want to pass up the really pretty CD jackets :O I'm trying to tell myself it's of sentimental value after getting back on the AAA fandom again. I don't know lol. Now I make money it's hard to spend and the USD = YEN conversation is just D:

Whatever I'm bleeding blueeeeeeeeeeeee.
After seeing the HEARTFUL jackets I'm bleeding whiteeeeeeeeeeeee.
I'm bleeding blood type AAAaaaaaaaaaaaa. Cause I'm blood type A.
Awful. Joke.

4th Anniversary Live DVD on 3/3/2010!! (Link)

Uno-chan's photobook, UNO on 2/25/2010 (Link)

NO SWIMSUITS PICS PLS D: No I can't bare her going beyond the male/female idol group image no =((( Unless she and Nissy are together in the picture in the beach with swimsuits on =) The power of encounters!!

Shinchan♥ will be in the revived Koisuru Hanikami February Special!! (Link)

Picture is of no relevance to his TV exposure, but it's a new (hot) picture.

This is older news he better not get kissed!! (lol JK) or am i??
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